Serve Day at Victory Family Church

Serve Day

Saturday, July 13

Save the date

Mark your calendar because Serve Day 2019 is on the way! Serve Day is an annual opportunity for us, as a church family, to reach beyond our walls and share the unconditional love of God with our community. During this one-day event, hundreds of people will participate in fun, simple service projects throughout Cranberry Township and the surrounding areas. Join us, and let’s make an impact together!

Join a project

Last year, over 500 people impacted their community on Serve Day. By cleaning up parks, washing cars, applying paint and more, they experienced the power of God’s love expressed through action. This year we’re believing for more than 1,000 participants, and we want you to be a part of the team. Join a project today!

  • Search our opportunity finder for a project that interests you
  • Click SIGN UP
  • Complete the sign up form
  • Click SUBMIT

Need more details on what it means to participate? Download our handy participant guide for complete directions.

Join a project

*Please sign up by July 7.

Lead a project

Serve Day projects are created and organized by everyday people like you! If you know a person or an organization in need, you are perfectly positioned to lead a Serve Day project, so submit your idea today!

  • Come up with a project you want to lead or view our list of ideas
  • Log into your My Victory account (or create one)
  • Complete the project idea form

Need more details on leading a project? Download our handy leader guide for directions and project ideas.

Simple project ideas anyone can lead
  • Host a free garage sale or a free car wash
  • Hand out free gum, popsicles, or bottled water with Acts of Kindness cards at a local park
  • Clean up the yard of a widow, parent in need, or someone who is physically unable to do it themselves
  • Deliver fresh flowers to residents of a nursing home
  • Serve drinks or snacks at summer band or sport practices
  • Volunteer at a school to help clean classrooms or perform landscaping
  • Wash the windows of locally owned businesses
  • Take lunch to construction workers and service men in your area
  • Pick up trash in a parking lot or a local park
  • Bring lunch or other treats to your local Police, Fire, EMS, Hospitals, or 911 Dispatchers
  • Walk and feed animals and clean cages at the local humane society
Submit a project

*Please only submit projects you plan to actually organize and lead. Projects should be submitted by June 2 to be available on project launch day, June 15.


We’re here to help you to have the best Serve Day experience possible! So, reach out to us when you have questions, concerns, or just need direction. Contact Margie Lough, our Outreach Administrative Assistant, by emailing or by calling 724-453-6254.