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Conquer Series

Thursdays at 6:30 pm
July 23 – October 1, 2020

The Conquer Series is a small group designed to help men of any age break free from a porn or sexual addiction. Join us in person (or online if initially uncomfortable attending in person or your job requires travel).

The Conquer Series is hosted and taught by Dr. Ted Roberts, along with other pastors, psychologists, professors and clinicians. It is designed to help men:

  • Explore the strongholds of addiction that keep them in bondage
  • Examine the neurochemistry of addiction.
  • Discover the weapons and strategies God has for them to be overcomers.
  • Study and implement a daily discipleship program to leave the past behind.

The Series majors in giving hope, healing, and restoration to all.

The Conquer Series reveals the spiritual, mental, and relational reasons why someone becomes addicted and even the early childhood wounds that can often bring about that bondage.

The results are that men are being set free to be the Fathers, Husbands and Warriors that God called them to be. Confidentiality and transparency are two of the keys the Series encourages to be able to come out and up. Men who have gone through the series and embraced it have had their lives radically transformed by Jesus. ​

Now this Conquer Series has added new, exciting online features. You c​an now review the video session online and the homework is done entirely online.

The cost is $20 for all of the resources and online tools.