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The World Needs Your Prayers

Join us for Pray First. It’s a time where we seek God in prayer as we trust in Him to move in powerful ways. Prayer has the power to affect both our internal and external worlds. It can also set our minds and hearts in alignment with God.

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It’s simply talking with God.

While there is no art to prayer, there are some ways that can help us better connect. Pray First walks you through guided prayer plans.

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Worship Set

We are excited to be able to provide you with the names of the songs we adore, the names of the artists, and links for you to stream the songs to use in your worship throughout the week.

Prayer Guide

This prayer guide features biblical tools for building up your prayer life. With verses and tips for different kinds of prayers, like the Lord’s Prayer, Tabernacle Prayers, and Lifestyle Prayers, this booklet can equip you to make strong, effective prayer a part of your daily life.

Pray First YouTube playlist

Come along with us as we read through the Pray First book together! We’ve put together encouragement videos for each chapter to help support you as you read through this book. Each person in these videos is a part of Victory Family Church. They could be on staff, or they could be a part of our ministry team!