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Jesus Christ said while on earth, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail.” Kingdom Builders is our way of leading this great commission through a community of people who faithfully give above and beyond.

We begin each year by prayerfully seeking what role God wants us to play in building His kingdom. The Bible tells us that we are blessed to be a blessing. God wants to use regular people like you and me to make an impact. He looks at His church for those who have something He can use—something they are willing to give. Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost. Kingdom Builders is our way of following His example.

Everything we do today is about building His church around the world. We give so that all may hear of His unconditional love and so that lives will be changed.

Global Missions

Through Kingdom Builders, we support key mission projects such as providing humanitarian aid, resources, church planting, and pastoral development. Everyone, in every nation, deserves a chance to hear the Gospel.

Local Church Expansion

Kingdom Builders is committed to local growth through expanding our own campuses, planting churches, and ministering to the hurting in our own back yards. We do this to help more people come to personally know a loving, Heavenly Father.

Future Christian Leaders

Kingdom Builders comes alongside future Christian leaders to foster a love for the Bible, God, and the lost. We expand and develop the next generation of ministry leaders and provide opportunities for life-impacting mission trips so that they can know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make an impact.

Become a Kingdom Builder

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Give online

This is a community, open to all, built of individuals and families that prayerfully commit to giving, over and above their tithes, to global missions, local church expansion, and future Christian leaders. 100% of the funds given to Kingdom Builders impacts the world for Christ.

Give by text

The only tool you need to start building the kingdom today might be right in your pocket. If you’d like to give now, you can do so by texting your amount followed by the letters “KB” to 724-204-5108. Give by text anytime.

2020 Goal

$1.8 Million

A note from Pastor John Nuzzo

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For over 25 years, Victory Family Church has been committed to local, national, and international missions. As a church, we have given millions of dollars into missions, and, through Kingdom Builders, we give you the opportunity to individually connect to the impact of your giving.

What is Kingdom Builders? A better question might be, “Who is a Kingdom Builder?” A Kingdom Builder is someone who takes the last words of Jesus and His final command to the church to heart. Right before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He commanded us to “Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every living person.” A Kingdom Builder is someone who financially commits to an intentional plan to see the Kingdom of God expand. All of us are called by God to be Kingdom Builders. All of us! And it’s my desire to lead every person who calls Victory their home to commit to being one.

Kingdom Builders is not a fundraising effort! It is a vehicle for each of us to see the vision for our giving as an individual, and as a church, and act upon it by faith. Kingdom Builders is your opportunity to make a prayerful financial commitment to changing the world, in Jesus’ name! It will provide you with the ability to obey that calling on an individual basis while joining your efforts together with our entire church family. Your children will also learn how to become Kingdom Builders.

At the beginning of each year, we will provide you with the projects and ministries that we feel called to fund for the year and the opportunity to commit financially to multiplying the Kingdom of God. This year, we’ll be able to grow our missions giving to $1.8 million. Our downloadable booklet shows you the projects and the ministries that are being funded through Kingdom Builders in 2020. We’ll update you throughout the year, and you’ll hear directly from recipients and be able to actually see the impact that you’re making.

I am asking you to make a financial commitment, above your regular giving, to Kingdom Builders. It is important that your commitment be in addition to your regular giving. The money given to Kingdom Builders is money that will be used outside the walls of Victory to multiply the Kingdom of God and change our world! Everyone can and should become a part of this.

Thank you in advance for becoming a Kingdom Builder!