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Pastoral Residency

Pastoral Residency

The purpose of the residency is to ensure that residents have the leadership capacity and know-how to effectively and competently lead as a pastor. Residents are temporary, part-time pastoral staff of Victory and are immediately placed into leadership roles. Residents receive consistent evaluation and feedback from ministry leaders to ensure their development during the residency.

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  • Must apply for acceptance
  • Reading, viewing, and listening to Victory Family Church provided material
  • Residents are required to serve in a variety of leadership roles within Victory
  • Regular attendance of worship services and all staff meetings
  • Rotation as a host for weekend services (both campuses)
  • Regular attendance of a small group
  • Lead a small group
  • Regular meetings with ministry leaders for the purpose of learning:
    1. Budgeting
    2. Staffing
    3. Hiring, Firing, and Best Practices
    4. Team Leadership
    5. Coaching
  • Participate in Serve Day and other local outreaches
  • Participate in a mission trip (outside the US)
  • Participate in all ARC (Association of Related Churches) Meetups hosted by Victory
  • Attend the ARC Conference
  • Residents are considered temporary, part-time pastoral staff members of Victory Family Church and must meet all requirements for employment
Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the residency?
The Pastoral Residency is 18 months to 2 years.

Is this a paid position?
No, residents must raise 50% of their monthly support before beginning the residency. Victory Family Church will cover the other half. The amount needed is dependent on each resident’s family needs.

Is housing provided?
No, but we will do everything we can in helping you find affordable living.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email xchange@lifeatvictory.com.