Residency Program

Residency Program

The Victory Family Church Residency is a full-time leadership development program for emerging leaders who feel called to vocational church ministry. The length of residency is two years, providing you with many opportunities for growth in your leadership skills and in your relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. The purpose of the residency is to ensure that you have the leadership capacity and abilities to effectively lead in the Local Church. You will be part of the staff at Victory, be immediately placed into leadership roles, and receive consistent evaluation and feedback from ministry leaders to ensure your development and growth.

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Components of the Victory Residency Program

The spiritual growth and personal spiritual disciplines of the resident are primary focuses throughout the two-year program. Studies have shown that the stress and difficulties of vocational church ministry contribute to many failing to complete their ministry assignment. Numerous resources will be utilized to help ensure the resident develops the personal spiritual disciplines that contribute to longevity in ministry.
Residents are immediately placed into leadership roles and receive consistent evaluation, feedback, and coaching in their ministry responsibilities. Actual hands-on ministry experience in the local church is crucial to the resident’s development. The purpose is to ensure that residents have the leadership capacity and know-how to lead in the local church effectively and competently.
Formal evaluations occur each quarter and are crucial to the growth and development of each resident. Evaluations provide feedback to the resident, the department leader, and mentors about the resident and their growth. They also provide an opportunity for the resident to give feedback concerning the residency and any issues the resident may be experiencing. This allows the residency to focus on the areas of development, growth, and experience that most benefit the resident.
Each resident is assigned a personal mentor for the duration of the residency. The focus of this mentor relationship is personal development; it is about who the resident is, rather than what the resident does. If the resident is married, a marriage mentor is also assigned for the duration of the residency to ensure a solid marriage foundation to succeed in ministry. Mentors assign material to the resident, and this personal growth material is in addition to the other required residency material. The purpose of mentor relationships is to ensure that the resident is growing as a person and if applicable, in their marriage, during the residency.
Much of leading and leadership are skills that we learn by example. Residents will learn from the leadership of Victory Family Church and multiple other sources to increase their leadership knowledge and effectiveness. Residents will grow in self-leadership, organizational leadership, and relational leadership during their two-year residency. Evaluation and coaching will allow the resident to gain confidence in leading teams and individuals within the local church. The goal in Leadership Training and Development is to give practical feedback within their current assignments so the resident increases in their ministry competence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the residency?
The Residency is 2 years.

Is this a paid position?
Yes, this is a full-time temporary paid position.

Is housing provided?
No, but we will do everything we can in helping you find affordable living.

When can I start the residency?
Residents can start in January or August.

Apply by:To start on:
November 1, 2024January 21, 2025
May 12, 2025August 26, 2025
November 1, 2025January 20, 2026

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email

Graduating Residents

These Residents are approaching the end of their program and are available for hire.


Abriana Moyer - Students/Young Adults

In June 2021, my husband and I served at a youth conference where Jesus changed my life and called me into youth ministry. I put all of my trust in Jesus and began the Victory Internship Program in August 2021.

After six months in the internship, I accepted a leadership role over our SOZO (high school) Outreach Club ministry where I learned even more about leaning in to what God wants to do in me and through me. Empowering students to see and solve problems and to step into their calling to spread the Gospel in their schools has been incredible to see.

During that time the number of school campuses that had outreach clubs almost doubled. I also gained experience in leading and caring for small group leaders, planning and executing events for both middle and high school, and had many opportunities to speak. In August 2022, I became a Resident and gained experience in production including service producing. After the Residency, my dream is to continue my passion for student ministry wherever God calls me.

I look forward to connecting with you and answering any questions you may have! Email me at

Current Residents


Kyler Brown - Students/Young Adults

From a young age I knew that I was called to full time ministry, even when I didn’t fully understand what that meant. I began taking any steps I could to serve more in the church. I began getting speaking opportunities when I was in 7th grade and I have been growing in that gift ever since.

In 9th grade I entered the Insight Internship, the high school internship, at Victory Family Church where I served for 3 years as a student and then in my 4th year, I assisted in leading the Internship. I realized my next step was to apply for the Residency Program to continue growing in my God-given gifts. 

I have been serving with the next generation for several years and I have a deep passion for helping the next generation know and walk with God. I’m excited to continue learning through this program! After the Residency I hope to pursue a full-time position working in youth ministry.


Sammy D'Alecy - Pastoral

My first 6 years of ministry I was a director of a college ministry at Penn State called Victory Christian Fellowship. I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Cultural Anthropology in 2017 with a heart to walk out the great commission as described in Matthew 28. After graduation, I responded to God’s call on my life and went into full-time ministry.

From 2017-2023 I was a Campus Pastor for Victory Christian Fellowship, a college ministry faithfully serving the students of Penn State. In those years God showed me how to couple my degree, with my love of the Gospel, to reach the nations at Penn State! In that position I was part of cultivating a ministry where college students declare victory through Jesus, lordship to God, belief in the scriptures, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit. In the beginning of 2023, I felt God’s leading to step down from my position in order to pursue the next chapter He had for me. I found myself applying to the Residency Program at Victory Family Church!

I am so thankful to now be a Pastoral Resident and to learn how to best serve the needs of God’s people both physically and spiritually; learning under not only the Marriage ministry but also the Care & Discipleship ministry, Outreach ministry, Small Groups ministry, and the Service teams across Victory’s various campuses. I am driven by the desire to see the Kingdom of God expand! My heart is to win people to Christ, being the hands and feet of God wherever I go. Whether it is through directing a Care ministry, Pastoral Counseling, or wherever God has next, I say, “Here I am Lord send me”! 


Danielle Greene - Students/Young Adults

After giving my life to Jesus, I began to serve as a small group leader for middle school students. An unwavering desire to see students excel in their spiritual growth and introduce them to Jesus began to flourish within me. As time passed, I started volunteer assisting the student ministries department, immersing myself in every detail and coming alongside the team to lend a hand wherever it was needed. Helping others has become second nature to me.

After four years as a cosmetologist, I sensed a shift in my heart. My focus transitioned from perfecting my craft to connecting with the individuals in my chair and sharing Jesus with them. This led me to begin praying and fasting about going into full-time ministry. It was during this period that I felt peace and the Lord brought to my remembrance Matthew 25:14-29, emphasizing that the more I was faithful with little the more He would entrust to me. This was both honoring and humbling!

I eagerly applied for the Internship Program then the Residency Program. I am thankful and filled with anticipation for the opportunities and growth that are ahead during my time in the Residency Program!


Zach Durler - Communications & Social Media

Growing up in a musical family, music has always played a huge role in my life, but it wasn’t until I had my first real encounter with Jesus at a Passion Conference in 2011 that things started to make sense. I returned home on fire for God and immediately started serving in church in any way that I could. It quickly became apparent that I had a pull towards worship, and over the next 8 years I would serve on numerous worship teams at the church.

Life was not without hardships, and after an unexpected and unwanted divorce, I found myself at Victory Family Church in the spring of 2019. However, God was still faithfully executing His plan for my life and my call to worship really accelerated. I started leading on our high school worship team which would then open doors to serving on other worship teams within the church. After hearing a message from our senior pastor about taking faith risks, I applied for and was accepted into the worship residency program.

I now have the honor and privilege of leading and caring for the worship team at our Meadville Campus while still managing to serve on our high school worship team and lead a 12th grade boys small group at our Main Campus in Cranberry Township. Worship does something to me and how tangible God is to me in those moments is something nothing else can replicate. It is my hope and prayer that whether I am on or off the platform, my worship would be authentic and would help lead others into a radical encounter with Jesus!


Alaina Lambert - Childrens

I graduated from Geneva College in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. I intended to pursue marketing full-time, but God had other plans. The fall of my senior year of college, God spoke to me about the call on my life to full-time ministry. I was overwhelmed with excitement to step into this role, but with thoughtful prayer, I decided to finish my degree and then apply for a Residency at Victory Family Church.

I am so grateful to Victory for allowing me and my husband to step into the call that God has on our lives. God is working in the next generation. He sees their faith and He is anointing young people to spread the love of Christ to everyone they know. I started my Residency working with High School and Middle School students and have started working with our Children’s Ministry in January of 2024.

After the Residency, I hope to pursue a full-time position working with a Next Generation Ministry to help share the gospel to students who have never experienced the love of Christ and help them discover the purpose God has for their life.


Larry Lambert - Students/Young Adults

In 2022, I became a small group leader for 9th grade boys and through that I became an Intern at Victory Family Church. My time as an Intern really confirmed that I was called to full time ministry. I love working with students and being able to disciple them and see them take next steps. 

Originally, I had no plan at all to walk into full time ministry but I’m so glad for the opportunity and excited to walk into all that God has for me. I have such a heart for Student Ministry because I want to give every student the opportunity to know Jesus as that is something that I didn’t have in my life growing up. 

After the program I pray I will have a full time staff position at a church and will be able to spread the love of Jesus with everyone!


Cody McGuire - Worship

I often volunteered at church growing up, even interning during my last few years of high school. My time was split between serving on the Worship team and youth ministry. It wasn’t until God began stirring up a greater desire for Worship ministry that I realized I was stepping into a calling. After graduating from Southeastern University with my Bachelor’s in Ministerial Leadership, I spent most of my time in Worship ministry serving in young adult and middle school ministry.  

Beyond Worship, I have a passion for seeing people encounter God in everyday life. I believe that sharing the Gospel in our everyday places like work, the gym, or even the grocery store can be an everyday experience for us as we walk in faith. I am excited to be a part of a growing church and looking forward to being part of the developing Worship ministry here at Victory.


Peyton Nearhoof - Service Production

I have had the privilege to serve in Service Production for many churches over the past 13 years. Each new experience pushed me towards a growing desire to work more in depth in ministry. During a gap year in 2020, a past youth leader encouraged me to consider joining the staff of the church I was attending in the role of a Production Lead. This role further cemented my desire to work in full time ministry and laid out God’s calling on my life. When my home church, Living Waters Church, was adopted by Victory Family Church in 2021, I was surrounded by people who equipped me to pursue my calling to ministry.

In 2021, I attended Grove City College to continue my college education in Music and Business. During that time, I began an Internship with a local church where I lead production for middle-school and high-school youth nights.

I was blessed to be able to work with a church production group this past year which again sparked my desire to grow more as a leader and ultimately led me to come back to Victory for the Residency Program. I am excited to continue growing in technical and spiritual aspects during my time in the Service Production track of the Residency Program.


Jordan Richmond - Students/Young Adults

God called me to be a Youth Pastor at 16, the day I gave my life to him. It made no sense to me at the time but I was passionately in love with Him, so I just obeyed.

Since then, I have been developing as a leader through serving two years in Victory’s Student and Young Adult Ministries Internship Program, and now in the Residency Program. I am being refined as a leader and in my character, and also becoming even more passionate for the next generation.

I currently Pastor the Middle School and High School students at Victory’s Meadville Campus. My desire is to see a generation bold and unafraid because they know their true value in Christ, to lead the next generation into all that God promises them, and to equip them to share that in a real way with others.


Kendra Richmond - Worship

I began attending Victory in September 2020 and started serving as a worship volunteer shortly after, starting out on the middle school worship team. I then transitioned to the high school, young adult, and adult service worship teams in the spring of 2021.

Very quickly after I joined the high school worship team, God started to deal with my heart. He used my love for music and people to ignite my passion for worship. I began to pray about my heart’s desire to lead people into worship and to pastor others, specifically the next generation. God began to answer my prayers as I started serving more heavily in worship.

Once my journey at Victory is over, I hope to join a ministry where I can continue to use the gifts and passion that God has placed in me.


Alexa Speicher - Students/Young Adults

I graduated from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in 2023 under their music department as a vocal major. I started the Residency Program at Victory Family Church a few days after to pursue the call to full-time ministry!

When I was 13 years old, I remember leading worship for a spontaneous event. The Lord so clearly spoke to me, saying I would lead worship and tell the world about Jesus for the rest of my life. Glorifying His name, helping others to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, and helping this NOW generation walk through this life, Holy and set apart by God, is my passion!

Later on in life, it became clear that my calling is to minister the gospel through song and spoken word. Using my gifts to operate in a way that points people to Jesus and what He has done is my joy. I want to be sure I am first fulfilling the great commission by proclaiming the gospel to all people everywhere and helping this generation of believers do the same.

I have had the privilege to develop, train, and lead at Victory Family Church, where God has so divinely opened every door. I desire to help students walk out their God-given purpose in every sphere of influence He gives them, proclaim the gospel, and give all glory to the Lord for He alone is worthy!


Lexi Wilson - Worship

 Since I was little, I have always had a love for singing and music. I always wanted, and was encouraged by others, to join the worship team. It wasn’t until the fall of 2021 that I auditioned and joined our High School and Young Adult teams at Victory Family Church.

Once I began serving regularly, I began to feel called to take another stepped towards worship leading. Wanting to be obedient towards that calling, I applied for the Internship Program. God, in a way only He could, began to accelerate my growth and confidence as a worship leader. He soon after told me that He chose me to help lead people into His presence.

Towards the end of my Internship, I applied for the Residency Program here at Victory. I am very passionate about worship, love to see people who have a heart of worship, and who are gifted musically to step into the call on their lives and use their gifts to glorify God. I want to continue to help people step into that call and help develop them in their walk, on and off the platform. I am excited to learn and develop through this program to become the worship leader, and woman, God has designed and called me to be.